Act Now DME Policy Agreements

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  • Policies for the Employee
    1. Office hours are from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., Monday to Friday.

    2. If you have any concerns or problems that might affect your work performance, notify staff through phone number 520-442-2411 or notify your supervisor via text message or phone call as soon as you can.

    3. You must maintain a current TB Skin Test/X-ray; otherwise you will not be able to work.

    4. You must be vaccinated for Covid-19. If you are not vaccinated for Covid-19, you must receive a Covid-19 antigen rapid test before reporting to work each Monday.

    5. Dress should be in professional taste. No logos or advertisement of alcohol, profanity, or sayings considered by social norms as political, racial or demeaning to any race, gender or sexual orientation.

    6. It is your responsibility to be on time. If you are going to be late, call your manager or the office. No call and no show is cause for termination.

    7. Compensation is biweekly (every other Friday). Physical Checks will not be given for payroll. Direct Deposit must be used for payroll.

    8. Holiday Pay:
    a. Holiday pay is 8 hours of pay for Holidays the office is closed. Holidays are New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. You must be with Act Now DME for 90 days before receiving holiday pay.

    9. Paid Time Off: You will accrue 0.02 hours of PTO per hour worked for a maximum of 40 PTO hours per year in their first year of employment, and 0.04 hours per hour worked with a maximum of 80 hours per year each year thereafter. PTO must be requested in advance. You cannot use accrued PTO until you have been employed for 90 days. All PTO is forefitted upon termination of employment or resignation and will not be paid out upon the end of employment.

    10. Overtime: All hourly employees will earn their hourly rate times x1.5 for each hour worked beyond 40 hours in a workweek. (A workweek begins on Sunday at 12:00am and ends the following Saturday at 11:59pm).

    11. Update us with-in 24 hours if you change your contact information.

    12. Professional Liability Insurance is provided by the company.