At Act Now DME, we care about quality of life. And for people who are inflicted with illnesses like respiratory disease, quality of life can become compromised as they struggle with the various symptoms that define their disease. These patients often must adapt their lifestyles to accommodate their illness. At Act Now DME, we prefer another solution: a continued healthy and satisfactory quality of life for each patient while they learn to effectively manage their disease. They may live with respiratory disease, but it shouldn’t control their lives.

An essential component to delivering effective solutions to patients with respiratory disease is the expertise and advice of the medical community. Our work to deliver home care protocols and care plans alongside the best medical resources in the industry help ensure the best patient outcomes.

Emphasis is placed on individual patient understanding and compliance with each unique plan of care, with the goal of achieving self-management of the disease. Our alliance with medical experts and Registered Dietitians yields cutting-edge programs and product solutions that support this goal while delivering the best patient results.

Collaborative disease management—involving the patient, physician and health care provider—makes a difference in peoples’ lives by yielding outcomes of:

– Reduced hospital admissions

– Reduced ER visits

– Improved functional ability

– Enhanced quality of life